Finance Manager Specification Sheet

Finance Manager is a metering and billing software solution that analyzes VMware and Azure Stack costs incurred by a hybrid cloud environment.

This product allows customers to:

  • extract VMware and Azure Stack consumption data and map it to customer details such as services, SKUs, and resource usage
  • apply billing rules and leverage custom billing formulas that support their business model
  • generate consolidated chargebacks, showbacks, and invoices for a seamless billing experience


The table identifies some of the key features in this product:




  • Use templates to get consumption and lookup data from VMware and Azure Stack sources
  • Leverage create custom scripts and/or specify parameter values in a user-friendly interface


  • Preview how the product can transform VMware and Azure Stack data
  • Map Azure Stack and VMware data to more purposeful customer categories


  • Maintain list prices, customer-specific rates, as well as Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) pricing and identify minimum commit values
  • Apply customer-specific discounts, uplifts, or one-time credits
  • Populate metadata fields that best supports data specific to your customers, contracts, or departments
  • Execute extractors, transformers, and reports at selected intervals and times to alert required parties when a workflow is complete
  • Configure roles and account access levels for each user


  • Access detailed reports to help you visualize and group costs for multiple account levels
  • Create customer invoices and/or integrate line items into third-party billing applications
  • Activate drill-down functionality to see more granular details on your VMware and Azure Stack consumption


  • Add VMware and Azure Stack data to your dashboard and push it to a third-party system via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
  • Set up user authentication via any SAML2 Identity Provider

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