How to Install CloudCheckr FinanceManager


You can install this solution on any Microsoft Windows® 2012 R2 or higher server in your on-premise data center or in the cloud. Depending on the amount of data, we recommend the following system configuration:

Deployment Data Sources CUPR CPU Memory Storage
Tiny 2 1 000 1 Core 4 GB 25 GB
Small 2 2 000 2 cores 8 GB 50 GB
Medium 4 5 000 4 cores 16 GB 100 GB
Large 8 15 000 8 cores 32 GB 200 GB

Both the data sources and CUPR are recommended limits. All systems should have a standard C: OS drive. The storage recommendation is for a D: drive, which preferably is SSD.


The front-end runs fine in these desktop browsers (with the specified version as a minimum):

  • Google Chrome 63
  • Chromium 66
  • Microsoft Edge 16
  • Opera 50
  • Mozilla Firefox 65+
We don't support Apple Safari at the moment due to missing features in this browser.
  • We aim to provide the fastest metering and billing solution available today, and this means we rely on modern web technologies.
  • Our speed comes from pre-processing the raw data, having most of that data in the browser, and streaming the missing pieces on request.
  • Our next-generation platform uses some very specific technology that Safari and Firefox don’t support.
  • When they do catch up, we’ll fully support those browsers, but until then, please choose from Edge, Chrome, or Opera.

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