Enable Permissions for Azure Cache for Redis

CloudCheckr can provide you with additional functionality when you add Azure Cache for Redis, formerly known as Redis Cache, permissions to the App Registration.

The Azure Cache for Redis permmissions enable the Fix Now feature to work with the Azure Cache for Redis with a non-SSL Port Enabled Best Practice Check.

Before you can use this permission, you must associate it with the Redis Cache Contributor role.

Redis Cache

In order for Fix Now to work with the Redis Cache with a non-SSL Port Enabled Best Practice Check, you must add this permission.


Before you are able to use the Fix It Now for Redis Cache, you must ensure that your Redis Cache has the appropriate role associated with it. Each Redis Cache will need the Redis Cache Contributor role.

  1. Login to the Azure Portal at https://portal.azure.com.
  2. Select Redis Cache. You may need to click More Services from the main blade menu.
  3. Select the desired Redis Cache.
  4. When the Redis Cache blade opens, select Access Control (IAM).
  5. Select the check box next to the CloudCheckr role, and click Roles.
  6. In the Roles blade, click Redis Cache Contributor.
  7. In the Redis Cache Contributor blade, ensure that the CloudCheckr role has the Redis Cache Contributor role selected. The access should indicate Inherited.

Once you have added the Redis Cache Contributor role to the desired Redis Caches, you will be able to use CloudCheckr's automation features.

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